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Drexel University Leadership Team



TIMOTHY MOK | President of Health Guardians at Drexel
Timothy is an undergraduate sophomore currently studying at Drexel University and is the president of HGA at the university. He is majoring in biological sciences and is looking to minor in STEM education. As a DREAMS applicant, he hopes to pursue a career in pediatrics. He is helping to establish a founding chapter at Drexel University. He is actively involved in his religious organization, serving as a leader for Renewal College Fellowship. Tim tries to lead an active lifestyle by going to the gym and pushing his boundaries for constant improvement.


MICHELLE RIDDLE | Co-President of Health Guardians at Drexel
Michelle is a junior pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Tissue Engineering. She has a strong interest in Emergency medicine and aspires to become a doctor in an Emergency Department. She has completed two, six-moth internships in engineering roles for Johnson and Johnson companies, Animas and Noramco. At Animas, she increased the efficiency of part of the insulin pump manufacturing process by 20 percent. While working for Noramco, she managed projects of a $100,000 value on a small-molecule pharmaceutical plant. Her dedication to the medical field is demonstrated through her volunteer hours as an Academic Associate at Thomas Jefferson Hospital and as an Emergency Medical Technician with a local ambulance company. Her contributions to the field of medicine include two publications on the design and testing of an intravascular blood pump for patients with congenital heart disease. In her free time, she is on the Executive Board of the Drexel Triathlon team and enjoys long distance running.


HELENA XIE is a sophomore majoring in Health Sciences. She is in the Accelerated BS/MHS Pre-Physician Assistant program at Drexel University and plans on going to Drexel’s graduate Physician Assistant School to pursue a career as a PA-C. During the summer of her freshman year, she interned at Medicor Cardiology, a large cardiology clinic in Bridgewater, NJ, which has sparked her interest in the cardiology specialty. She has also had experience volunteering at hospitals in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, such as Morristown Medical Center in Morristown, NJ and The Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA. As an active member of the Student Ambassador program at Drexel, she is also a student ambassador or campus tour guide, giving campus tours and participating in open houses for prospective students and families. She is also a member of Drexel’s Pre-Physician Assistant club for aspiring physician assistants.


HARSH PATELis a sophomore biomedical engineering major with a concentration in biomaterials and tissue engineering, and has a plan to go pre-med. He has always wanted to become a physician since early childhood. He likes to play basketball, lift weights, and eat new foods when he isn’t studying. His idol is Mahatma Ghandi because he thinks Ghandi’s beliefs are so basic, yet so powerful.



BRIANNA LISI is a Junior majoring in Biology with a Psychology minor. She is currently co-oping at Cooper University Hospital, which has sparked her interest in pursuing a surgical path in medicine. She loves running long distance and going to the gym to keep her focused while studying for the medical entrance exam. She spends her weekends at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a Bedside Buddy and volunteers at other hospitals in the Philadelphia Area as well. She’s very excited to be a part of this organization and hopes to learn a lot from her team.


ANUSKA BHANDARI is a sophomore majoring in Biology with a concentration in Pathobio. She intends to pursue a career in Medicine. Anuska recently transferred to Drexel. As a freshman, she did a Freshmen Fall study abroad program. While in Rome, she volunteered at L’arca Italia, a community made up of people with and without physical and intellectual disabilities. In the past, Anuska has volunteered to tutor students with financial need as well as physical disability. Anuska joined HGA to grow and channel her passion for the medical field and make an impact in people’s life.



NEAL KALANTRI is a sophomore majoring in Biology with a Business Administration minor. He is currently volunteering at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania which sparked his interest in pursuing a field in pediatrics. He also has interned at the Institute of Bladder and Prostate Research where he shadowed Dr. Jerry Blaivas, a highly respected urologist. In his free time, he likes to play sports and serves as a leader in the Biological Honors Society at Drexel.