2018 HGA Public Health Fellow

We are pleased to announce Casey Collet as the recipient of the 2018 Health Guardians of America Public Health Fellowship.

The fellowship award is bestowed upon medical students, or gap year pre-medical students, affiliated with the 501(c)(3) nonprofit health organization who have demonstrated the highest level of commitment based on performance metrics as a chapter president, exceptional leadership abilities in coordination with the national student directors, and first-class honors academics.

Effective September 5th, 2018, the public health fellow will serve as the Medical Health Project Director responsible for taking ownership of the design, delivery, and evaluation of our national scale health projects. The director will also continue to lead pre-health student members and improve membership services across 25-50 college campuses.

Casey graduated summa cum laude from the University of California Los Angeles in 2018. She joined as a student member of the founding team and went on to serve as the President of UCLA HGA, achieving one of the highest number of health participants for our large scale research study. She was recently admitted to an MD Program for fall 2019 and is a terrific resource for premedical students.

The position was previously held by Bruce Youm, who will now serve as the executive chairman in an advisory capacity focused on clinical research.

He has successfully navigated the strategic growth of the organization from Berkeley to over thirty university campuses across the United States with 250-500 premedical and medical student members in the Health Guardians network, in addition to securing over $100,000 in health commitments and health program funding to enable the large scale national research study.

In addition scaling the health project to a national level, he is responsible for the engineering design of the digital health incentivization platform and the spin-out of the intellectual property assets in a protected entity such as the algorithm for automatic payouts, rewards processing, payment integration, real-time session validation, and metrics evaluation.

Bruce studied pre-medicine at Berkeley, clinical medicine research at Columbia, and medicine at Drexel. He holds a business degree from Berkeley and a management degree from Columbia.

We hope to share the results of our seven-year, national scale research study in a scientific journal to contribute to the current understanding of financial incentives for increased physical activity levels and health commitment within the field of preventive medicine and clinical applied informatics led by Finkelstein et al. (2014, Duke) and Patel et al. (2016, Penn).

During this time period, the board of student directors will continue to refine the current health project for large scale data collection and explore other national scale studies that can be designed, implemented, and evaluated on the same preventive medicine technology platform with an interest in scaling our national health project towards global health as diabetes mellitus and chronic illnesses are a cross-border health care issue.