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Published: January 26th, 2019

Hi Everyone! My name is Casey, and I’m excited to serve as the Medical Health Project Director! A little bit about me, I grew up in Los Angeles and feel so grateful to have attended college here at UCLA. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I found out I would become a medical student here too at the Keck School of Medicine of USC!

As a pre-medical student and in my gap year, I spent a lot of time with our philanthropic causes at my sorority, nerded out in scientific research, volunteered in various clinical settings, helped children affected by autism, and devoted myself to a national healthcare issue by contributing to a digital health project at this nonprofit health organization.

For the new founding members and returning chapter members, I’d like to extend a warm welcome and say I was in your shoes at one point in my life during my undergraduate studies. I joined in 2016 as a founding student member, took on an eboard leadership position, and became chapter president.

UCLA Chapter of HGA has been special to me because along with UC Berkeley Chapter of HGA, we brought in the most engagement and participation for our signature health project, FitLifeFlow. Fun fact, we had partnerships as well with Pressed Juicery, Equinox, and more! As a result of my professional work, I was selected to appointed as the next Medical Health Project Director.

You’ll soon discover that this medical health organization offers a unique college experience, where you contribute directly to a student-led health project effort with MD/DDS students spearheading the efforts. You’ll also quickly realize this experience is dependent on how much you get involved.

So how are we different you may ask? There’s so many pre-health organizations. Well, our medical organization uniquely enables students to take action and get involved with a modern health project. Additionally, we operate at the edge of the frontiers of digital health medicine and preventive medicine.

As it is true for our signature health project FitLifeFlow, we are also exploring future medical projects that continue to design innovative solutions and adopt modern technologies applied to traditional healthcare issues. The nonprofit organization operates at the intersection of primary medicine, engineering, and health economics.

We approach our health project with the philosophy that health is a fundamental human right, a universal human right, and the incentivization of long-term health behaviors would promote health for the general public.

As the story goes, the nonprofit was founded at Berkeley by pre-health students, UCSF medical students, and student-athletes who competed at the 2012 London Olympics. Our health project has grown over the years to where it is today.

I’m excited to continue the story and to work with you in making progress towards transforming our nonprofit organization towards global health focus in areas of digital health, drug delivery, access to health care, and global surgery.

I will be signing off now as a busy medical student buried in digital textbooks but hope to meet you one day and potentially work with you in the future!

Best regards,


Casey Collet

Medical Health Project Director
Health Guardians Organization

MD Candidate, Keck School of Medicine of USC
BS, University of California, Los Angeles