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I would like to extend a warm welcome to the new students receiving an invitation to join the national health organization. If you are returning, welcome back! You will love the updates we've made over the summer season with our health project. For all new and returning members, you will discover that this nonprofit offers the unique opportunity to be at the vanguard of our generation's most prominent health movement and the chance to spearhead change for a better tomorrow.

Our health project operates at the edge of the frontiers of digital health medicine and preventive medicine. We combine innovative solutions and adopt modern technologies applied to traditional healthcare issues. We are at the intersection of primary medicine, engineering, and health economics.

From a high level perspective, the outcome of our health project directly translates to the benefit of the general public in having the personal health option to pursue health as a fundamental human right, a universal human right, that otherwise would not be affordable without our health project.

We provide value to our health participants, enabling them the opportunity to be rewarded not only to stay healthy, but also to adopt healthy lifestyle habits over the course of a lifetime. In comparison, this option has not been available in the past, especially at mass scale on a population level, from the public and private sectors.

As members within our health organization engaged in our health project, you will quickly experience the residual effects of working on a new solution that revisits the status quo and the notion that the past must be always right, as it has always surely been. As student leaders at the university, this experience will be the ultimate test of leadership in the face of criticism and the heat of competition at your respective universities.

In my time with Health Guardians America, I found myself in a dynamic environment that fostered the growth of leaders, the motivation to implement change, and the strong will to improve the lives of others present in our student communities. I have personally experienced them in my own journey growing from a curious student in search of a meaningful cause driven by the conquest of truth to managing a state-level nonprofit to expanding our work towards national presence over the years.

This was a single idea, bounded by the high rise university lecture halls, finding triumph with the help of supportive olympic athletes, now medalists or medical students, and medical students, now neurosurgeons, across the San Francisco Bay who believed in our mission and cause and the potential impact of our health project. We are now hundreds of prehealth undergraduate students, silicon valley engineers, national directors, medical students and physicians, and board members -- resulting in several thousand health participants in 2017.

We come from diverse backgrounds, interests, and disciplines ranging from engineering to medicine to public health to business administration to competitive athletics. Yet, we stand here today at the forefront of the most pressing health issue united by the strong belief in our cause. Together we share this mutual passion and decided to work in collaboration to contribute towards our national health issue. We believe we can make a difference through the health organization.

I am enthusiastic to continue in this journey with you and eager to learn about your passions, whether they are in public health, health policy, or medicine, and how you wish to contribute to the organization driven by the merits of the ideas set forth in our discussions.

As we start again measured by our own internal timeline, we need to know soon if you will be officially joining our health efforts this fall by registering with us by visiting the "Registration" page. Please feel free to learn more about our progress to date by reading the annual letter published January 2017 using the navigation menu on the top right.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the constituent presidents should you have any questions.

Best regards,

Bruce S. Youm

Executive Director and Chairman
Health Guardians America

Medical Health Project Director
HGA FitlifeFlow Technologies

Clinical Research Director
HGA Medical Research Arm

Medical Degree, M.D. Candidate
Drexel College of Medicine

Master Degree, M.P.H.
Columbia University Medical Center

Master Degree, Deferred
Yale University School of Medicine

Bachelor Degree, B.S.
University of California Berkeley-Haas

Bachelor Degree, B.A.
University of California Berkeley